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Call Their Bluff, Mr. President: Raise the Debt Ceiling

I'm about through with this goat rodeo in Congress about raising the debt ceiling. President Reagan got 18 debt ceiling increases without this level of last-minute debate and rancor and President Obama can't get one? No Congress has ever refused to raise the debt ceiling, but now that President Obama is in office, they are refusing his first-ever debt ceiling increase request?

I call B.S.

I think this is payback for health care reform. I think this is, as Sen. Harry Reid said, an effort to embarrass the president.

If I were President Obama, I wouldn't have even deigned to negotiate an increase in the debt ceiling limit. All this talk about cutting spending and eliminating tax loopholes should have occurred when Congress passed the budget. Now the time's come to pay for the budget they passed.

Call their bluff, Mr. President. Raise the debt ceiling by executive order.

By my count, you have a 3/4 chance of being able to do so successfully. Once you do it, your opponents will …

Amy Winehouse, Unsung

Today I heard that Amy Winehouse passed away. I'm so sad for what could have been. She was a unique and amazing talent, a voice that you recognized instantly because she sounded like no other. I put Amy Winehouse up there with the greats -- Etta James, Dinah Washington, Whitney, Aretha, and the like. It wasn't that she could do the vocal gymnastics of Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey -- it was her phrasing, that of an old soul who had listened to far more masters and learned far more from them than her contemporaries ever did. Her talent is what many young artists hope for and will never, ever achieve.

My heart and prayers go out to her family. What an incredible, incredible loss. I can't help but think that if she had known her true worth and the value of her incredible gift, she would still be here.

My favorite Amy Winehouse song is "Me and Mr. Jones." It reminds me of my childhood, of my mom, of family card game gatherings with clouds of cigarette smoke, fatty…

Whoop That Trick, Wendi Murdoch!

Wendi Murdoch is my new heroine.

I don't care what Rupert Murdoch did or didn't do, he's over 80 years old. You don't hit on the elderly. I don't care what your cause is or who you are.

Second, I admire a woman who will take up for and take up arms for her husband. If you even think about hitting my husband, you just bought yourself a fight with the both of us. I don't care what he did. You don't hit my husband. I am so down with Wendi Murdoch on this one.

Wendi Murdoch is the quintessential "Ride or Die" chick. So am I.

Here's to you, Wendi Murdoch. Whoop That Trick!

Stop The Debt Ceiling Pissing Match

For the first time in our nation's history, our federal government faces the serious prospect of defaulting on debt.

That our elected officials could think that raising the debt ceiling, something so vital to the functioning of not only our economy but the entire world's economy, could be the subject of political negotiation and gamesmanship is absolutely ludicrous. You want to talk about debt reduction? Great. But not when you have debt to pay such that, if you don't pay it, the entire world economy will spasm. The potential defaults of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Ireland have nothing on the cataclysmic result of the first United States default.

I call B.S. on any Congressperson who would even think that raising the debt ceiling is subject to negotiation. That said, I specifically call B.S. on the Tea Party activists who even put this sorry-ass political play in motion. This is a desperate attempt to score political points at the expense of their political nemesis, who just…

Michele Bachmann Is Passing For White

All the blogosphere is atwitter (get it?) about Michele Bachmann signing a document called "The Marriage Vow" which declares that a black child born during slavery was more likely to be raised by both parents than a black child born after the election of our nation's first black president.

That Michele Bachmann would show any concern whatsoever about black children being raised by both their parents in marriage when her own parents divorced confirms for me what I suspected all along: Michele Bachmann is passing for white.

Yeah, I said it. I think Michele Bachmann is black. Why else would she even care about black children and their chances of being raised by both their parents?

Long before I found out about her "Marriage Vow" and her deeply held concern for black children, I always suspected she wasn't straight-up white.

"Look at her," I told my husband, Black Man Not Blogging (BMNB), when I first saw Michele Bachmann on TV, "she's got that t…

Godspeed, Betty Ford

If you had asked me who my favorite First Lady was, I would have said Betty Ford, hands down. Mind you, my Democrat friends would always get this perplexed look when I said that Betty Ford was my favorite First Lady. They didn't appreciate what I appreciated about Betty Ford: Betty Ford was keepin' it real long before we had a phrase for what she was doing.

I admired her candor. She took breast cancer out of the closet and put it front and center in the nation's view. I doubt there would be as much research on or progress in treating breast cancer but for Betty Ford. My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer before I was born, and I can tell you from what I heard, back in the '50's, people didn't talk about breast cancer above a polite whisper. Betty Ford singlehandedly changed all that.

Betty Ford let us know that she thought her kids were no different than other American kids. She suspected that her children smoked pot and that her daughter had probably had…

There's A Reason They Call It A "Not Guilty" Verdict

I've been somewhat surprised at the backlash against the jury in the Casey Anthony trial. No sentient being with warm blood could help but be repulsed at the prospect of what Ms. Anthony was accused of. But proving beyond a reasonable doubt that she did indeed murder her daughter? That's another story.

That's also the social contract we as Americans agreed to in the design of our justice system.

I can't say I followed the Casey Anthony trial as closely as, say, Nancy Grace, but from what I did read and hear, the evidence against Ms. Anthony appeared to be circumstantial. To the extent that the evidence did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she murdered her daughter, the justice system worked as it should have. I'd rather let a murderer go free because of circumstantial evidence than have an innocent person subjected to the death penalty based on circumstantial evidence. That's how our justice system is designed.

No, I'm not naive, and yes, I know that p…