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Justice for Trayvon Martin: It's About Time

I wish I could say that I'm overjoyed that a special prosecutor in Florida has seen fit to charge George Zimmerman with second degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin. I'm not.

It's about time.

I and many African-Americans have seen this movie before -- they should just title it "Self-Defense: White Man Kills Unarmed Black Man and Gets Away With It." My unarmed African-American male cousin was killed three years ago by a white man who also claimed self-defense. Mind you, the white man was in a truck, speeding down the street when my cousin yelled at him to slow down. My cousin had been out walking with his children at the time. His killer turned his truck around, came back towards my cousin, exchanged foul words with him (my cousin had sent his children home by this time), and then the killer reached into his glove compartment, pulled out a gun, and shot across his own special needs child in the passenger seat to kill my cousin. He then drove off, dumped th…