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Middle-Aged and Tired? Sleep Apnea Is No Joke!

Not all who have sleep apnea snore; not all who snore have sleep apnea.

~ My doctor

I didn't get the 100,000 signatures I needed for White House action on my Port Chicago White House Petition.  What I did get in the interim may have saved my life.

I have been tired for a long time.  Years.  I just assumed this was what middle age felt like -- diminished energy, foggy thinking.  I just thought this was menopause or my ferritin deficiency (ferritin is the back-up iron storage in your system) and I had to get used to it.  I often wondered to myself and to Black Man Not Blogging (BMNB) how I was going to be able to parent small children when it was all I could do at the end of the day to fall out tired on the sofa after work.

My exhaustion didn't really become an issue until I continued coming in to work late because I was oversleeping.  I went to get a doctor's note to verify my ferretin deficiency, and when I described my symptoms, my doctor replied, "That sounds like sl…