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Mad Love to You, Iyanla!

I don't know of many single black women who didn't read Iyanla Vanzant's books during the '90's. I think I have about every book she wrote, but I can't find all of them since I've moved about eight times since then. She taught us single black women that we didn't have to put up with no mess, that if we "saw crazy coming, cross the street," and that we were complete, whole and perfect in our singleness. She made us believe, each and every one of us, that "I'ma BE alright."

Needless to say, I was so sad to hear of all that she's gone through, which she's revealed in her latest tome, "Peace From Broken Pieces." I was absolutely glued to the TV screen watching her second interview with Oprah in which she described the loss of her marriage, her daughter, and her entire fortune. Like many of us in this new age, she's renting, living a simpler life, and she's at peace. Even in exposing the darkness throug…

Just Out There Biebin'

I was overjoyed to see Esperanza Spaulding take home the Best New Artist Grammy. I was dismayed that her Wikipedia page was hacked the next day, most likely by a marauding bunch of 'tween Justin Bieber fans who probably can't afford to pay for the Internet access they used to accomplish their deed.

Thank heavens the music world isn't ruled by twelve year-olds.

In case you Bieber fans can't possibly comprehend how the Biebs lost out on that one, let me break it down for you: The Recording Academy is not a fan. And they've pretty much predicted that Spaulding has career staying power and Bieber doesn't.

I'm not saying the Recording Academy always gets it right. Past winners of the Best New Artist Grammy include the Starland Vocal Band, Bob Newhart, Marc Cohn and Milli Vanilli -- until it was discovered that neither Milli nor Vanilli actually sang on their records. Past losers include Leontyne Price, Kanye West, John Mayer, Jill Scott, Green Day, The Judds,…

Go Egypt! It's Your Birthday!

I am so happy for the Egyptian people and their new path to democracy. I am happy that they defined themselves and didn't let the media define them or their movement. I am happy that they are free.

Congratulations to the Egyptian people, or as we black folks say, "Go Egypt! It's Your Birthday!"

Because, in a way, it is.

The California State Baby Boomer Employee Ethos -- "Fuck You"

2011 may be the Year of the Rabbit, but in my family, 2013 is the "Year of the Retirement." In 2013, my older sister and oldest brother will both retire from their employment with the State of California. My brother will have over 40 years of service, my sister over 30. I think I can safely say that the workplace ethos for California state employees of their generation -- Baby Boomers who came of age in the '70's -- can be summed up in a Cee Lo Green song:

"Fuck you."

After years of enduring reorganization after reorganization, watching the incompetent rise to the top such that they ended up being "stupervised," receiving warrants instead of paychecks, dealing with furloughs, pay cuts, and threats to pension and health care benefits banked on more than 30 years ago, and surviving good and bad governors starting with and, ironically enough, ending with Jerry Brown, most California state workers of my brother and sister's generation have had enoug…

What I Learned on Vacation

Yours truly took a little vacation for a while. It was the first time since BMNB and I bought our house that we took a trip together, so we were long overdue. I went in search of clarity, and I got it from some of the unlikeliest places. Maybe what I learned might be of use to you, so here goes:

1) Sleep is underrated. There's a reason they call it "beauty sleep" -- no sleep, no beauty. I was amazed at how much my skin's appearance improved just because I got more sleep.

2) Rejuvenation is underrated. Sometimes you really need to unplug and just let the world pass you by while you relax and rejuvenate. I didn't realize how much in need of rejuvenation I was until I had it. I returned to work more rested and more focused.

3) Sometimes you can't get the answers unless you become still and listen for them. I went searching for clarity on what to do next with my life and what to do about an increasingly iffy job situation. I wouldn't have gotten th…