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Get Me Bodied: The Middle-Aged Adventures of Sasha Fat (Thanks Beyonce and David P.)

Today is my 49th birthday, and for reasons you'll understand later, I'd like to dedicate it to Beyonce and my friend David P.

Forty-nine is supposedly the last hurrah before the official onset of middle age. But time and its ravages don't pay attention to the calendar any more than the seasons wait for the solstices to announce their arrival. I'm already middle-aged and I didn't need a birthday or a calendar to tell me that.

But aging isn't about numbers.  It's about vitality, or the loss thereof.  I fervently believe that I've lost a great deal of vitality not due solely to age, but due to a sedentary lifestyle and bad diet.  Sure, we all slow down with age, we are more prone to injury with age, but we don't have to race the calendar to our own mortality and be miserable in the process.  My feeling of middle age is not due solely to the calendar; it's due to lifestyle choices that have helped result in a loss of vitality.  Those lifestyle choic…

Godspeed, Donna Summer and Robin Gibb: How Do You Mend a Middle-Aged Broken Heart?

I feel like the remnants of my adolescence are slowly dying away.

You see, I was a teenager during the '70's.  I never thought disco sucked.  I loved disco, so much so that I threw a tantrum in my junior high school orchestra class demanding that we be allowed to play disco instead of Beethoven.  Why not?  Disco was heavy on strings.  We were string players.  Heck, Barry White had an entire freakin' orchestra to himself!  My junior high school orchestra teacher, Mr. Douglas, rolled his eyes at my insouciance and told me I had a lot more of the basics to learn before I'd be prepared to play disco or anything else written for strings for that matter.  He did make sure that I auditioned for all-city orchestra, though. 

So you can imagine that I was saddened by the loss of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, within a week, no less.  My introduction to Donna Summer was, like most folks, the seventeen minute track, "Love to Love You, Baby."  It was also my first introduc…

My Family's Revolution: Embracing Entrepreneurialism -- and Eddiebucks

Dear Gentle Readers,

Last month's "Something to Think About" family meeting was a hoot and a blast!  Our topic was multiple streams of income, in particular, entrepreneurialism.  The fun part?  We pitched business ideas to each other.  In our business pitch game, "Swimming with the Killer Whales" (because I'm a bit too big to be a shark), I gave every member of the family $1000 in "Eddiebucks" - named for my late father-in-law -- and each of us who has a business or wants one had to pitch our business ideas.  If others liked the idea, they "invested" with their Eddiebucks.  The person with the most Eddiebucks at the end of the night won -- in this case, my nephew.  We had some really good ideas pitched. In fact, they were so good, I won't even repeat them because I don't want anyone to steal them.

Below are the agenda and handouts from the meeting.  The handouts crib heavily from Robert Kiyosaki's "Cash Flow Quadrant&quo…