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Will Our Children Ever Be Safe from Racism in America?

When I was young, my parents would tell my older brothers all kinds of things to do in order to protect themselves from racism, such as "Don't run at night," "When you buy something, always ask for a receipt and bag," "If you get stopped in your car by the police, keep your hands on the steering wheel and don't reach for anything without asking first. And don't mouth off." At the time I wondered, "Do white parents tell their sons the same thing?"

I don't know, but I know black parents do, at least those who have a realistic view of race in America.

We're not so post-racial in America that black boys can walk at night to get some Skittles and a can of tea without suspicion. Trayvon Martin paid with his life for no other reason than he was a black boy out at night going to the store to get some Skittles and a can of tea. Because, in America, black boys are automatically suspect. Especially if they're out at night.

And if th…

My Family's Revolution Continues: The Power of a Prize

Gentle Readers,

Yours truly has been remiss in updating you on the progress of my family's revolution to become financially literate, get and keep great careers, own homes, prepare their kids for an education after high school, and to have multiple streams of income. Our February meeting focused on a bonus financial literacy module on estate planning and finding the right career, and our March meeting focused on getting the right career, i.e., job hunting and networking strategies, and keeping that career. Through the course of our meetings, we've picked up some new attendees, had other family members host the meetings (Thanks, y'all!), and started applying what we're learning from each other to our lives.

But we also try to keep things fun. To this end, I've discovered the power of a prize.

At each meeting, I try to have little contests that allow almost everyone to win a prize. What I've discovered is that a prize doesn't have to be expensive or even new…

A Letter to Bobbi Kristina Brown

Dear Bobbi Kristina,

I recently watched the interview you had with Oprah Winfrey. I am so very sorry for your loss and yet so proud of the strength, resilience and courage you showed.

I, too, lost my mother, but at a much later stage in life than you have. I was a huge fan of your mother, and although I never met her, I didn't have to know her to know this:

Your mother loved you profoundly, deeply, unconditionally and completely, and that love will never, ever go away.

As hard as it is to lose one's mother, the one thing that helps me even after all these years -- my mother died almost fourteen years ago -- is to remember what I had. Many people go through this world not ever having been truly loved by their mothers. You see these people every day -- they walk through this world wounded, working out their issues on other people, externalizing the internal hurt they have from the absence of their mother's love.

Not us.

I used to think that every child was as loved by their mo…

If I'm A Slut, Rush Limbaugh's a Eunuch

Let me make sure I understand this correctly: Rush Limbaugh equates advocating that employers provide health insurance coverage for contraceptives to asking to be paid to have sex and, if you're a woman doing the advocating, being a prostitute and a slut.

I, too, support President Obama's policy requiring employers that provide health insurance coverage to include birth control within their coverage. I believe that when you enter the stream of commerce by having employees, you should be held to the same standards as other employers. I guess that makes me a slut.

Well, if I'm a slut, Rush Limbaugh's a eunuch. I'm talking not having the balls of a field mouse.

It was easy -- no, cowardly -- for Limbaugh to simply brand a young woman with enough courage to voice her support of that policy before a Congressional committee as a prostitute and a slut. His message was simplistic and offensive -- because of who you are, what you advocate has no merit. A woman advocating …