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Gov. Jan Brewer: Bitch, Is You Crazy?

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer greets President Barack Obama on the tarmac in Arizona and gives him a personal note to invite President (Yes, PRESIDENT) Barack Obama to a private meeting. He reminds her that her account of their last meeting at the Oval Office wasn't particularly kind or accurate. She responds by pointing her finger in the face of the LEADER OF THE FREAKIN' FREE WORLD and getting angry. Because he won't meet with her? Because of her own words?

Is it me, or is this white privilege run amok? The idea that you can point your finger in the face of the President of the United States, who just happens to be black, because he won't do what you want and has the temerity to challenge you based on your own words? Because he's not SUBSERVIENT?

And she actually had the nerve to say she felt "threatened" by the President.

Pardon my language, but Gov. Brewer, as they say in the 'hood, "Bitch, is you crazy?"

Let's get one thing straight. President Barack Obama IS the President of the United States, much to the chagrin of Republicans, Tea Partyiers and the like. And until he no longer holds the office, you still respect him as the holder of that office.

Another thing: Gov. Brewer, if anyone should have felt threatened, it was the President. Given your erratic behavior, a lesser person occupying the office of President would have had the Secret Service take you down on the tarmac once you raised your finger to his face. And you know damn well you wouldn't have done that in the presence of the First Lady, who would not have been bound by the "You never hit a woman" credo that properly raised men are raised by, men like President Obama.

I, for one, am getting mighty tired of crazy Republicans, most of whom happen to be white, disrespecting my President. I can't help but think this is a race thing, but I'd love to be convinced otherwise.

But I still think that bitch is crazy, pardon my language.


Anonymous said…
I completely agree. With American hostages in different countries, troops all over the world, etc. and she wants to have hissy-fit so the worls can see it? Oh hell no! How does that look to rest of the world leaders? They'd have knocked her damn teeth out.
Anonymous said…
He should know better than speak that way to a white woman & you sound like an ignorant ape.
Dear Anonymous2,

I only published your ignorant comment to show why I have comment moderation -- to normally cull uncivil ignorance like yours and Gov. Brewer's from my blog comments.

But now that you've gone there, you can kiss my pretty black ass as well as the President's.

Anonymous said…
you go got more guts than some full-of-themselves shrinks who delete "bullying" remarks on their blog
Anonymous said…
this is Anonymous "3"; thanks for my posting comment; we need more outspoken sisters like yourself.
Anonymous "3",

Thanks. I know full well the decorum and rectitude required of any President of the United States limits the manner in which President Obama can respond to foolishness. But I also appreciate that he seems to be subjected to far more foolishness than any President who has served during my lifetime. That's why I speak up in the manner in which I do -- because he can only do so much.

The internet has given free license to racists and bigots to spew their thinly veiled racism and bigotry toward the president. Folks like Anonymous 2 would have neither the guts nor the balls to say what he/she has written directly to my face. I regularly publish comments that disagree with me, but I don't normally publish comments that disrespect me. I did so in this instance because Anonymous 2 proved my point -- white privilege has indeed run amok.

Thanks for reading and for your support, Anonymous 3. And for what it's worth, now that we've gone there, I think Anonymous 2's parents are siblings and he/she was conceived by the still outside their double-wide. If we're going to play the bigotry dozens, well, then, let's go there.
Anonymous said…
Arizona is ass backwards

OBAMA 2012-vote
Goddess said…
Oh lord have mercy! it is this racial double standard that rears its ugly head every time someone messes up with the President.

Ask ANY child who has ever stuck a finger in my face...
i will bit that finger with the viciousness of a Honey Badger cause i just don't give a shit.

white privilege has run amok BWB, and it scares the bejeezus out of me. i think it is going to get even worse as we near the election.
rules are rules and secret service needs to rectify! time to take down the next person who disrespects the POTUS in this manner. i am sick of it.

G Johnson said…
You're absolutely right! Where was the Secret Po-Po when she put her hand up in his face?? The case of another "blond" being threatened by a black man-cut me a break!!!...she is a jerk and full of donkey dust!!! He won;r be meeting w/her about a damn thing!!
Maria said…
I LOVED your article! I will go out on a limb though and say, while there absolutely is abhorrant racist in our country, I don't think jan brewer (intentionally left lowercase) is necessarily being racist. Yes, I think she is intolerant but I think her disrespect towards our President and leader of the USA is more about the BLANTANT disrespect and sense of entitlement in our country today and the hipocrisy of the republican party. They preach family values, religion and good old fashioned values and respect and yet they so often lie, steal and cheat and, above all, pass judgement on anyone who doesn't drink their koolaid (as they say). A bunch of moronic hypocrites!
Goddess, G Johnson and Maria,

Thanks for your comments. Maria, I really hope you're right and this is politically-based disrespect and not race-based disrespect. But the GOP hated the air President Clinton breathed and I don't recall him being disrespected as often and on the same magnitude as President Obama. But I really want to believe you're right, really I do.

G Johnson, I'm over the moon that my bestie reads my blog! (You are my bestie, right?) And Goddess, I'm just trying to catch up to your blog!

I think we really need to have a continued conversation about the disrespect shown this President for however long it continues, otherwise it won't stop. No president, regardless of his race or party, deserves to be treated in this manner. Thanks to all of you who commented (including Anonymous "2", who proved my point and, to some extent, his/her unfortunate parentage) for being part of this conversation.

Anonymous said…
IMHO, Jan Brewer has staged this entire episode to increase her profile and bump her book sale. She created this scene to portray Pres.Obama as this menacing intimidating figure who doesn't respect women. Sorry, but everything about this man runs contrary to her claims. When will the Republican party become normal again? Their constant lies, media manipulation and irrationality is getting out of hand.

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