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Make Black History: Sign The White House Petition to Pardon the Black WWII Sailors of Port Chicago

Two hundred and fifty-eight African-American World War II sailors were court-martialed, of whom fifty were convicted of mutiny, because they refused to continue loading munitions after an explosion at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine near what is now the Concord Naval Weapons Station in California.They refused to return to work because they had been relegated to the dangerous job of loading munitions because of their race.It was the largest mass mutiny trial in U.S. Naval history.
On July 17, 1944, at 10:18 pm, an explosion occurred at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine involving 4,606 tons of munitions, killing 320 cargo handlers, crewmen, and sailors.According to the Navy’s own historical website ( ), African-American Navy personnel units were assigned to the dangerous work of loading munitions at Port Chicago under the supervision of white officers.In his book“The Port Chicago Mutiny:The Story of the Largest Mass Mutiny Trial in U.S. Naval His…

Food is Love (Happy Valentine's Day!)

This week, my husband Black Man Not Blogging (BMNB) brought me close, held me tight, looked deeply into my eyes, and, with profound sincerity, thanked me for all the home-cooked meals I've made during the last week and a half.

For BMNB, food is love.

Mind you, I don't get this.  Never have, never will.  I love food, and I like to eat well -- fresh ingredients, good flavors, and moderately healthy.  I cook not necessarily because I love cooking, but because I like to eat good, affordable, moderately healthy food.

For BMNB, it's a whole 'nother story.  For him, a home-cooked meal is an act of love, no less than a hug or a kiss.  He loves food but hates to cook.  (I don't get that, either.)  He equates the act of feeding someone well with caring for them, and caring for them with loving them.

I don't know if this transitive equation really works, but I do know that after a week and a half of Chilaquiles Casserole, Jambalaya (made the old school way -- took me abou…