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Smarter, Harder, Blacker: My Guide to Being Black in the Trump Era

When I started to write this, it just wouldn’t flow as easily as previous blog entries had.I didn’t like the tone – me pontificating on what we as black folks need to do to get through the oncoming Trump era.I realize now why I didn’t like the tone:I’m not qualified to pontificate on what black folks should do.
Remember, I’m the one who called for a boycott on Colin Kaepernick’s birthday in support of Black Lives Matter, and that fool didn’t even vote.I bought his jersey and everything.Posted a picture of myself on social media wearing it and taking a knee.Damn.
So instead of me telling you, Gentle Readers, what you should be doing to survive Trumpocalypse as black people, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do.And it’s not much different than what I am doing or have already done, if you remember from my blog posts in 2011 about my family’s revolution to be smarter than Wall Street during the Great Recession.First, let me tell you want I’m not going to do:
I’m not going to hate.I hav…