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Underwater Pimpin'

Although we love our home, BMNB and I are among the millions of Americans who owe more on our home than what it's worth. We are officially underwater. We saw it coming when we bought our home in 2008. We had no illusions whatsoever that the housing market would rebound starting in 2008. That's why we sat across the kitchen table from each other before we bought our home and said, "We better really like this house, because we're going to be stuck with it."

Come to find out, BMNB still loves the house. Being stuck? Not so much. BMNB likes to have options. So since we knew we had to make our annual pilgrimage to our tax guy to hear yet again how much we owed the government -- federal and two states -- BMNB figured, why not ask him whether it would be worth it to just cobble together the difference between what we owe and what the house is worth, jet, and start over in a cheaper house.

First, let me say that we adore our tax guy. He's a gun lovin' southern Repu…

What Do You Want? No, Really.

I have a question for you, gentle readers: What do you want?

No, really. What do you want?

I'm asking because, if you don't stop and ask yourselves this question from time to time, you run a huge risk that you won't get it.

Whether it's a buff bod, a published book, more time with your kids, whatever -- if you don't ask yourselves the question, you might not get it, whatever it is.

I had to stop and ask myself that question recently, and ask BMNB the same question for that matter. Despite having come back from a lovely vacation and vowing to focus on my goals and the goals for our little family, I'd fallen back into the same pattern as before, constantly going to meetings after work and making myself available to do whatever people asked of me. And most of this effort on my part, although laudable, had absolutely nothing to do with what I or BMNB wanted. My actions and my intentions were worlds apart.

It really hit me when others who had come to rely on me were maki…

Lord Have Mercy On Japan

Quakes. Tsunami. Nuclear reactor explosion and meltdown. A tide of 1,000 bodies washing ashore. I'm afraid to ask if it could get any worse for Japan because it just might.

I'll admit that when I first heard of the earthquakes in Japan, I didn't take them seriously. Much of the advances in earthquake-resistant structural engineering come from Japan. If any nation could withstand severe earthquakes, it's Japan, I thought to myself.

But these earthquakes, coupled with a tsunami that moved at the speed of a jet airplane and nuclear reactor explosions and meltdown? This is too much for any nation to take, let alone Japan.

Ask the Lord to have mercy on Japan. This is just too much to bear.

Feels Good

It's taking a lot of time but, slowly and surely, my book based on this blog is coming to fruition. At this point, I'm really enjoying the journey of working on a dream. My dream.

I've wanted to write a book for a long time. I'm enjoying just the glimmer of the possibility that this book might open the door to other opportunities. I'm enjoying the fact that I never started this blog with the intention of making money from it, nor did I intend to write a book based on it. I'd been struggling with a novel for years until it dawned on me: You've got a boatload of material right at your fingertips. Use it.

I have you, my dear readers, to thank for encouraging me. You made me believe I had a gift. You don't know how empowering that is, and I am truly grateful.

It's been fun seeing which blog entries I deem worthy of making the cut -- "The Big Pimpin' Awards," "Hotter Than Fish Grease," and "Got Sou-Sou?" -- while …

On The Wings of the Tuskegee Airmen

My husband and I aren't always good about celebrating Black History Month. This year I wanted to make sure we did at least one thing to celebrate it and not let the month go unnoticed. A young male relative, whom I'll call Trevor, mentioned to us that they didn't do anything for Black History Month in his elementary school. I figured we'd kill two birds with one stone and at least find one Black History Month event to attend together. Mind you, this is no small feat since kids these days have "schedules" -- Tae Kwon Do, skating parties, guitar lessons, etc. Trevor has more of a social life than BMNB and I combined! Luckily, it worked out.

The Aerospace Museum at what was formerly McClellan Air Force Base in North Highlands, California, north of Sacramento, had an exhibit on the Tuskegee Airmen. It wasn't big, but it was thoughtful, filled with blown-up newspaper clippings about them, one of their actual flight suits, and one of the planes they trai…