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Got Sou-Sou?

I've never been an avid supporter of reparations for slavery. One, you don't have to go as far back as slavery to find civil rights violations for which reparations should be paid and for which you can find identifiable victims. For example, the banking industry, complicit with the federal government, made sure that mortgage loans weren't made to black homebuyers in the 40's and 50's seeking to buy in white neighborhoods and, in many cases, in black neighborhoods, too. The wealth transfer that a home represents, or the failure to be able to transfer such wealth, makes a tremendous difference in economic advancement. For those who can prove that their grandparents or great-grantparents were denied home loans based on their race, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch for the federal government to pay reparations, as it would be relatively easy to determine the value of the intergenerational wealth transfer that might have happened had they been able to buy a home a…

Black Women of South Carolina: Just Vote. Please.

I'm told by the press that one-sixth of the voters in the South Carolina Democratic primary will be African American women.

In short: Ah Sookie, Sookie now! (For those of you who didn't grow up with black mothers, loosely translated, this means "Watch out, now" or, as my older sister would say, "It's on like Donkey Kong.")

Sisters in South Carolina will be the first significant group of African American women to weigh in on the Democratic primary. No offense to our Nevada sisters, but they simply didn't make up one-sixth of the Democratic voters in the state.

I've made my preferences known on this blog since December. And yes, my Obama lawn sign is in the mail. But all that I would ask of my South Carolina sisters is this: Vote. Just vote. I don't care who you vote for. Just vote.

You will be the first significant expression of the will of African American women voters. Women voters whom Gloria Steinem seemed to forget about in her offensive Jan…

Real Mothers Never Give Up; Just Ask L.Y. Marlow

I never for a minute doubted that if I had gone missing, my late mother (referred to in this blog as “SWIE," for “She Who Is Exalted”) would have come to find me. I grew up knowing – and I mean “knowing” in the intrinsic, deep-in-my-bones, there-can-be-no-other-truth sense – that: 1) There is a God; and 2) My mother loved me more than anyone else in the world loved me, with the possible exception of my father. Even today, when I get pissed off at BMNB, I tell him that the only two things I know for sure is that there is a God and that my mother loved me; everything else is subject to debate.

If I had come up missing, I knew that SWIE would have hunted to the ends of the earth to find me. That she would have probably loaded up her Olds ’98 with my aunts – one riding shotgun, the other in the back, all smoking cigarettes and wearing house slippers – and set out looking for me and the poor sap who made the mistake of snatching me up in the first place.

I would imagine that hostage…

Gloria Steinem: I Call BS

I never thought I'd have to choose between my race and my sex in a Democratic primary. I guess I should feel blessed for my choices. But somehow, I don't. And Gloria Steinem didn't help with her January 8 New York Times op-ed entitled, "Women Are Never Front Runners."

Ms. Steinem describes Barack Obama's career trajectory in a hypothetical, changing his sex to female:

The woman in question became a lawyer after some years as a community organizer, married a corporate lawyer and is the mother of two little girls, age 9 and 6. Herself the daughter of a white American mother and a black African father -- in this race-conscious country, she is considered black -- she served as a state legislator for eight years, and became an inspirational voice for national unity.

Be honest: Do you think this is the biography of someone who could be elected to the United States Senate? After less than one term there, do you believe she could be a viable candidate to head the …

Oh No She Didn't! Now I'm Hotter Than Fish Grease!

"I think they have decided to run a relentlessly negative campaign, and I don’t think anybody who’s watching would deny that . . . . I gather that she’s determined that instead of trying to sell herself on why she would be the best president, she’s trying to convince folks that I wouldn’t be a good one.”

Sen. Barack Obama, N.Y. Times, January 14, 2008

And so it goes -- against my wise counsel (see my January 11 post), Hillary has decided to go negative on Barack Obama. Again. Based on events that happened in the past -- who was most responsible for the gains of the Civil Rights Movement. And she's even got the chief peddler of Black Cultural Porn, former BET President Robert Johnson, joining in the chorus, with a less-than-oblique reference to Obama's drug-using past.

And now, as my friend Sheila in Denver says, I'm hotter than fish grease. (Note: For those of you who lack Southern roots, black Southerners fry catfish in large quantities of peanut oil heated to extremely…

Memo to Hillary: Don't Campaign for the Job; APPLY for it

To: Hillary Rodham Clinton

From: Black Woman Blogging

Re: Your Campaign for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Congratulations on your recent victory in New Hampshire. As you acknowledged in your victory speech, it was indeed a comeback -- a comeback that, IMHO, resulted from you exhibiting a more humane and less perfect image of yourself. I would imagine that you hope to repeat the process in Nevada and South Carolina. If I may make a suggestion that I think will help you succeed down the line and possibly in the national election, it is this: Instead of campaigning for the job of POTUS, apply for it.

Yes, you read correctly. Apply for it.

What if, instead of opening each campaign stop with a canned stump speech, you simply said to each crowd, “I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I’m applying for the position of President of the United States. And all that I ask is that you give me fair and equal consideration.”

What person in your key demographic, women ages 40-65, hasn’t …

The Rise and Fall of the Moman

Moman: A woman who believes she can succeed in competing against men by acting more masculine than men.

I think Hillary Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire is due in large part to one factor: For a brief moment, she stopped being a moman.

Now, I don’t have anything against strong women. I am one. But I also believe that women experience the world differently, and to ignore those differences in service of the idea that a woman has to be more masculine than a man to succeed is a disservice to women. When Hillary allegedly “found her voice,” I would suppose it was more feminine this time around.

Not girly, but feminine.

We all experienced the momen of the ‘80s, with their uptight suits with the padded shoulders and blouses buttoned up to their chins. With their newly minted degrees, they were determined to out-man men to succeed in corporate America – putting off childbearing and demeaning those to whom family and children were important as not committed to women’s equality; working more hour…

Obama, Hillary Got Barack'd! Obamaudacity On The Move

"Obama, he Barack'd my world!"

Grace Adler, commenting on her "dream" about Barack Obama, Will and Grace

Well, it looks like 1) I might not be the political jinx I thought I was, and 2) Hillary Clinton got Barack'd in Iowa, and not in the same way Grace Adler from Will and Grace describes her "dream" experience with Obama. Clinton didn't even tie or come in second; she came up a bit short behind Edwards.

Looks like we have a real primary going on, not some insipid coronation.

And, as I referenced in my previous Obamadacity post, it was, in large part, due to young voters turning out, many for the first time.

I couldn't be more proud.

That so many young voters -- most of them college students, I understand -- turned out in bone-chilling weather to send a statement not only to the country but to the Democratic Party Establishment that, this time around, they would not be denied, makes me proud.

Proud that perhaps young people are taking their count…

If Obama Loses, It's My Fault. No, Really.

If Obama loses in Iowa today, you have no one to blame but me. All me, all the time. Me, Me, Me.


Because I’m a political jinx. No, really, I am. And I can prove it.

Every political candidate whose campaign I have made a contribution to has lost. Let’s see:

Al Gore, 2000: Made a political contribution, walked precincts, even put a lawn sign on my sister’s lawn against her will. Lost. Well, at least he lost in the Electoral College, which, to me, is obsolete. But I digress.

John Kerry, 2004: Made a political contribution and walked precincts. Lost to a candidate who had already demonstrated himself to be inept and incompetent.

Harold Ford, Jr., 2006. Couldn’t even walk precincts for him since he’s from Tennessee. Of all the African Americans who were running for the U.S. Senate in 2006, he was the only one whose campaign I contributed to. Trust me, I had inside knowledge. I used to live in North Mississippi which, many would argue, is really south Memphis. That meant that, on the weekend…

Happy New Day!

Instead of celebrating the arrival of each new year, what if we were to celebrate the arrival of each new day? What if we greeted the arrival of each new day with, “Happy New Day!” and treated each new day, and not just each new year, as a chance to begin again, as a repository of hope, as a wellspring of optimism?

Well, here’s your chance. Because with the arrival of each new day, not just each new year, there comes the promise of yet another opportunity to try to it get it right, whatever the “it” in your life is at the moment. To paraphrase from one of my new favorite books, “The Kite Runner,” “There is another opportunity to be good again.” Because if you look at all of the end-of-the-year in memoriam articles, and if you’re now reading this, the one thing you’ve got over Ike Turner, Benazir Bhutto, Merv Griffin and many others who made the news in 2007 is that, as one person so aptly put it, you woke up on the right side of the dirt this morning.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’…