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Good (?) Friday

I've always wondered why they call the day Christ was crucified "Good Friday."

Begs the question: Good for whom?

I still haven't see The Passion of The Christ because I can't get past the crucifixion, even the very idea of it. What a terrible way to die -- suffocating due to one's own weight or slowly dying from the physical shock, exhaustion or dehydration associated with it. What inhumane souls could have even conceived of such a way to kill someone?

I'm not the most well-versed Christian and I don't attend church regularly, but these virtues are not required to grasp the enormity of His sacrifice. For your salvation and mine.

Happy Easter. I can't quite get to the point of wishing anyone a "good" Good Friday, though.

This Is A Chance, This Is A Chance

This is a chance
This is a chance
Dance your way
Out of your constrictions

“One Nation Under A Groove,” Funkadelics

I knew it would happen sooner or later. I wondered how long the Democratic Primary could continue without facing the issue of race and how it shapes us and our experiences. For some reason, in the good ol’ U.S. of A., discussions of race are tantamount to discussing one’s salary, religion, or porn preferences. Senator Obama got caught at the intersection (crosshairs?) of race and religion, and he turned it back on America: Hey, we all do and say things that are racist.

Yeah, like I’m sure Bill Clinton has objected every time he heard some white southerner use the N-word.

But I’m glad it happened. Now we’re free to really talk about it – the fact that, yes, Barack Obama experiences this country differently –as do most African Americans – because we ARE African American. This is a chance to really talk about race and the fact that African Americans are no less American, no …

Memo to the DNC: The Solution Is Not That Hard; Even Two Ivy League-Educated Lawyers Should Be Able To Figure It Out

Howard Dean is nervous, as well he should be. The prospect of a Clinton-Obama slugfest going well into April while John McCain sits back and watches is not a happy thought, especially when the Democratic Party has the makings of a Dream Team ticket.

One only need pay attention to the total numbers of voters participating in the Democratic primaries versus those participating in the Republican primaries to see the almost 2-1 margin Democrats have in sheer numbers of voters. It would be a shame if any of these energized voters sat on their hands in November.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. The solution is so simple, even two Ivy League-educated lawyers should be able to figure it out.

Clinton and Obama should agree to run together. The candidate who wins the most number of pledged delegates (delegates won as a result of primary and caucus voting) should be at the top of the ticket. The superdelegates should only anoint as the presidential candidate the candidate who won the most…

The Fact Is (I Need You) (With Apologies to Jill Scott)

And even though I can do all of these things by myself,
I need you . .

“The Fact Is (I Need You)” by Jill Scott

Welcome back, Hillary. With a little negative campaigning and fear mongering, you managed to revive a campaign that was on life support. I may not admire your methods, but I do admire your tenacity. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that you’ve been reading my blog. You’re now describing yourself as a fighter, and you’re stating that the campaign is a job interview. Yep, you’re so cribbing my blog. But I ain’t mad at you.

And I hear you made an effort to reach out to Obama, saying you’d be happy to have him on the ticket. As Vice President.

Of course you would. Because you can’t beat John McCain by yourself, and you can’t draw the same number of voters by yourself. But a Clinton/Obama ticket? Priceless.

So, to borrow from a Jill Scott song, the fact is, you need him.

But have you thought that perhaps the fact that you need him means that you should be the Vice Pre…