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More Awesome Than We Know

The other day I was listening to "Forum" on KQED, an interview show on a local NPR station. The guest was author and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Draper, who has written a new book, "The Start Up Game." Draper extolled the role of immigrants in innovation in the United States and talked of the stupidity of immigration laws that allow for non-citizens to be educated here in our colleges and universities only to be sent back to their home countries to apply for citizenship. Why would we send someone who has already been educated and ready to enter our work force back to another country, he asked. As he went on praising immigrants and what they've done for the U.S. economy, one thought crossed my mind:

What about us? What about African Americans?

It seemed that, when Mr. Draper was discussing innovation, venture capital, and start-up businesses, we African Americans didn't even appear to exist.

Since this happened in the week before the Dr. King holiday…

Help Jasmine Guy "Cook Up Service" for Underserved Kids -- Donate by January 10

I'm a big Jasmine Guy fan. She's a rare thing in today's entertainment world -- a sextuple threat (dancer, actor, singer, director, writer, producer) who continues to serve up our culture to us whether we're supporting it or not -- and you know we should. She will not be deterred, and she definitely walks the talk when it comes to our people.

So when my best friend said that Ms. Guy is trying to raise funds for underserved kids to participate in a one-day service camp at the Young Chef's Academy in Sandy Springs, Georgia, I figured I'd do my small part to help promote it.

"Cooking Up Service" is a one-day camp during which underserved kids will take lessons from Ms. Guy in acting, dancing, building self-esteem, and avoiding peer pressure. The kids will then cook treats to be shared with the Hammond Glen Senior Center. The menu these kids will be cooking up includes "I Have A Dream Drop Biscuits," "Peace (Peach) Cobbler," "Servic…