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If You Wait Long Enough, Good Things Will Happen (Charleston, Forgiveness, the Confederate Flag, the ACA, Gay Marriage, and Amazing Grace on My Mind)

I'm going to let you in on a little secret:

Sometimes, I think God talks to me.

No.  Really.  Like when I heard a little voice tell me, "Put away some money.  You're going to need it."  I did.  The next month?  BAM!  Hit with major car repairs.

Or when Black Man Not Blogging and I were coming back from a day trip and stopped in a McDonald's in a South Stockton neighborhood.  He went in, I stayed in the car.  A little voice told me, "You need to get out of here."  I called him on his cell phone to tell him to get out of the McDonald's, that we needed to get ghost.  He did, and we did.  The neighborhood just felt unsafe.  If I recall correctly, the next day there was news of shootings that occurred in South Stockton.

When the Charleston shooting occurred, I was at a loss for words.  I couldn't believe that someone would gun down church members at a prayer meeting.  A PRAYER  MEETING! Could there be anything more demonic?

Then, in an act of what ca…

Mad About the Faux Sistah in Spokane? Really, White People? (White Hypocrisy and the Appropriation of Blackness)

I haven't been following closely the story of the Spokane NAACP president who is allegedly passing for black.  I'm not bothered by it, not at all.  As long as she is working for the greater good of black people in America --- and Lord knows, I wish more people would -- how she identifies is of no moment to me.

What is bothersome is the hype and outrage by the predominantly white media that this white woman is passing for black.


Here's where the hypocrisy and/or lack of self-awareness comes in:  White people have been appropriating blackness for their own for decades, and not necessarily for the betterment and advancement of black people.  At least this sistah faux sho' is trying to do something positive with it.

White people, here's a small list of all the blackness that white people have appropriated with little or no benefit to black people:

You appropriate our language.  Hell, you even trademark it.  You trademarked or appropriated "Let's roll,&…

Fear of a Growing Black and Brown Renter Class (On the Power of Ownership)

As an African-American woman, there are some things I fear more than police brutality.

Like a growing Black and brown renter class.

There's  a relationship here.  Bear with me.

My office is the across the hall from a realty.  There's a Latina realtor there who I speak with occasionally in the hallway.  I can tell she works hard.  We started talking about home ownership among black and brown folks.  She's scared, too.

She's scared that the foreclosure crisis, and the intentional targeting of black and brown people for subprime mortgages by Wells Fargo, Countrywide/Bank of America and other major mortgage lenders, will permanently scare off black and brown folks from home ownership.

She's scared, as I am, that if our people stay away from home ownership, the wealth gap that currently exists between whites and black and brown people will widen even more.

She's scared, as I am, that if our people stay away from home ownership, the harder it will be for them to get …