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The End of the Purple Reign (Prince Rogers Nelson, May He Rest in Purple Peace)

I was just leaving my sister The Writing Diva's  job when she called me on my cell phone.  I was thinking I left something behind.  In less than a breath, she said:

"Prince died."

I asked, "Prince the musician?"

She replied, "Yes."


I was shocked.  Last I heard, he had just briefly come off his "Piano and a Microphone" tour to battle the flu.  He was, to my mind, young.  He had always seemed fit.  I figured I'd catch him the next time around. Now here I am, learning the same lesson I learned when Etta James and Ray Charles died -- go see the artists you love while they're still living.

And I blame Kimberly Hancock for all of it.  She introduced me to Prince's music, which was the slow death of my innocence and the birth of my appreciation of his genius.

Kimberly Hancock was my age and my race and lived down the street from me in the 1970's.  As I recall, she introduced me to Prince when we were both …