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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mad Love to You, Iyanla!

I don't know of many single black women who didn't read Iyanla Vanzant's books during the '90's. I think I have about every book she wrote, but I can't find all of them since I've moved about eight times since then. She taught us single black women that we didn't have to put up with no mess, that if we "saw crazy coming, cross the street," and that we were complete, whole and perfect in our singleness. She made us believe, each and every one of us, that "I'ma BE alright."

Needless to say, I was so sad to hear of all that she's gone through, which she's revealed in her latest tome, "Peace From Broken Pieces." I was absolutely glued to the TV screen watching her second interview with Oprah in which she described the loss of her marriage, her daughter, and her entire fortune. Like many of us in this new age, she's renting, living a simpler life, and she's at peace. Even in exposing the darkness through which she had to plow to get to where she is, she still remains a study in resilience. "I put my baby in the ground. I can do anything," she said. Indeed.

I was over the moon to see that her book is #1 on Even more, I'm hoping that this woman who gave so much not just to black women, but to all women, will have all that love and good fortune directed back at her. I fully intend to buy her book because I know the royalties for this one, unlike her previous books, will indeed go to her. I appreciate that Tavis Smiley not only encouraged her to tell her story, but published it through his imprint, Smiley Books.

I firmly believe that one's testimony not only saves themselves but can save others. Ms. Vanzant has been to hell and back, and her testimony is that even if we end up experiencing the same, there is always a way back. Always.

Mad love to you, Iyanla!

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OpenID grownupforeal said...

I am a proud products of Iyanla's earlier works. I'd only heard bits and pieces about her recent struggles so I was glad to read your post. I will most definitely go out and buy her book.

March 5, 2011 at 6:23 PM  

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