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No Budget? No Taxes! No Problem! (Somebody's Gotta Feel This)

The California state budget stalement is allegedly coming to an end after more than 80 days, the longest the state has gone without a budget.

In the meantime, appointed officials and legislative staff have gone without pay. Retired annuitants, temporary employees, and student interns have been laid off from general fund agencies. Vendors have not been paid. Schools have not received funding. Health services programs that rely on state funding have suffered, as have the people who rely on those services.

To quote Kid Rock, "Somebody's Gotta Feel This."

So, here's my proposal to prevent this from happening again: A ballot measure enacting a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the state from collecting any taxes or fees without a budget. And I don't mean some stop-gap spending measure. I mean a budget, signed, sealed and delivered.

This measure would also prevent the state from collecting those taxes and fees retroactively, or from raising taxes and fees for a two-year period after a late budget in order to make up the difference.

So, while the lawmakers and the Governor fail to perform, the citizens of California would get a tax holiday.

Fees to enter Yosemite? Not collectible without a budget. Flash a peace sign to the bears on your way out from your free weekend up there.

Car registration due while there's no budget? No problem. You get free car registration. Roll on up to the DMV and demand your free tags. And give the public counter folks as much attitude as they give you when you do pay on time.

State income tax? Payroll tax? Not when there's no budget enacted. Consider it an early Christmas present to employees and employers alike.

Property taxes due? Not when there's no budget enacted. Pocket that money and go get that 52 inch flat screen. Think of it as a stimulus package from your lazy leaders.

Thinking of buying a car? Wait until after July 1. No budget, no sales tax. Go ahead and upgrade to the touring package on your new ride. Or put those rims on, courtesy of your legislature and the Governor. Doesn't the Governor's Hummers ride on rims? Well, hell, when a budget isn't on time, maybe your Yaris should, too. Courtesy of the State of California.

There is no excuse for the seventh largest economy in the world to be governed so poorly, with a structural deficit to boot.

Somebody's Gotta Feel This.


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