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BWB's 2010 California Voters Guide

To encourage each and every one of you who reads my blog to get out and vote, I'm going to share how I voted (I vote absentee) and why.

Governor: Jerry Brown. Why: Because this is no time for rookies or anyone else who hasn't figured out that we already have "policy groups" in the Legislature -- they're called "committees," Meg. Besides, you don't seem to know a voting ballot, so my voting ballot doesn't know you.

Lieutenant Governor: Abel Maldonado. Why: Even if Abel is in bed with Big Oil, he's not in bed with his best friend's wife. Yes, Gavin, character DOES count, and I'm not THAT much of a Democrat to vote for you.

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen. Why: For demanding integrity and accountability from the voting machine manufacturers. I'll forgive her putting up a logo from her alma mater, Michigan State, on the Secretary of State's website during the NCAA basketball tournament. Don't do it again though, Deb.

Controller: John Chiang. Why: I think he's done a good job, although his lawyer threw state employees under the bus during her oral argument on the furlough cases, arguing that awarding backpay would be a gift of public funds.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer. Why: Because his office hired me as an intern when he was in the Assembly and I was a high school senior. I had been turned down by Speaker Willie Brown's office because I was "too political" in my belief that Proposition 13 would be the downfall of the state and public education as we then knew it. Turns out I was right, Willie Brown. Just because I was young didn't mean I was stupid.

Attorney General: Kamala Harris. Why: Because she's the only candidate talking about diverting youth from a life of crime BEFORE they get in the system.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Larry Aceves. Why: I liked his campaign statement in the voter guide better.

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones. Why: Because he represented Sacramento well in the past (the city, not the people in the Capitol).

Board of Equalization District 1: Betty Yee. Why: Because she's committed to extending free taxpayer services and assistance to those who need it.

Judicial Retention: I voted out California Supreme Court Justices Moreno and Chin because they blew it on the furlough cases. Hey, if they wanna mess with my paycheck on unsupported legal grounds, I'm gonna mess with theirs at the ballot box. I voted for Cantil-Sakauye for the Supreme Court because I like her.

Proposition 19 (Legalization of Marijuana): Yes. Why: Because I don't see any difference between alcohol and weed, other than, as Chris Rock observed, weed is produced by brown people. Both are intoxicants and gateway drugs to addiction, yet one is legal and the other isn't. I never had a relative killed by a stoner, but I have had a relative killed by a drunk driver. Stoners have the good sense to stay home when they're high. Why? Because they're sleepy and they're going to be rip-roaring hungry in about two hours or less.

Proposition 20 (Redistricting Commission for California Congressional Districts): Yes. Why: Because I'm tired of politicians giving other politicians the political hook-up.

Proposition 21 ( $18 Vehicle License Surcharge to Fund State Parks): No. Why: The State Lotto. Let me explain. When California instituted the State Lottery, it was supposed to be the end-all and be-all for public education and insure a dedicated, steady stream of income for our k-12 schools. However, when you give any state agency a dedicated source of income that can't be used for other things, they act a fool. The State Lottery used their dedicated source of income for all kinds of things unrelated to public education -- trips, sports tickets, you name it -- and we're still being nickled and dimed for public education. I ain't gonna be the same fool twice. I love the state parks, so just charge me a higher fee when I use them. But I'm not willing to add an additional $18 on top of the $348 I spend annually to register my car. As my late mom would say, "They want too much sugar for a dime."

Proposition 22 (Prohibits the State from Borrowing of Taking Funds Used for Transportation, Redevelopment or Local Government Projects and Services): Yes. Why: Because the State of California has credit worse than your Cousin Ray-Ray the Crackhead. The state is always looking to borrow, but they don't pay back. At least with Cousin Ray-Ray, you might could steal his stash and resell it to recoup your losses; with the State of California, you have no recourse when they default. Ask the local school districts about loaning money to the State of California. You'd be better off lending to Cousin Ray-Ray.

Proposition 23 (Suspends Implementation of Air Pollution Control Law AB 32): No. Why: Because we've already fought this battle. It's settled. What's worse than implementing AB 32 is constantly changing the laws that affect business so they can't make long-term plans. AB 32 is the law. Move on.

Proposition 24 (Repeals Legislation Allowing Businesses To Lower Their Tax Liability): No. Why: If I'm getting bit in the ass by the Tax Man, everybody else needs to suck it up, too. If I don't get to carry forward losses for 10 years following the loss, nobody else does.

Proposition 25 (Changes Legislative Vote Requirement To Pass Budget To Simple Majority And Permanently Withholds Legislators' Pay and Expenses Until A Budget Is Enacted): Hell yes! Why: If I don't get paid when I don't do my job, neither should they. A budget that is one hundred days late is unacceptable. Our state legislators need a simple majority because they are, well, simple.

Proposition 26 (Requires Certain State and Local Fees Be Approved by 2/3 Vote): Yes. Why: Because the state and local governments pull the okey-doke on taxpayers by calling taxes "fees" and requiring the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association to litigate to prove otherwise. Enough already. Stay out of my purse.

Proposition 27 (Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting): No. Why: See Proposition 20.

Now that you know how I voted, get out there and vote your damn self! LOL!!!

P.S. How could I forget? U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer. Why: Because it is either utter hubris or stupidity that would make someone who was fired from her last position think she's qualified for an even higher position. Besides, I like Barbara Boxer's hair better.


Anonymous said…
We loved your voter guide! Funny and thorough... Well put!

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