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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can We Declare a Genocide of Young Black Men in America?

I have one question for President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder:  Can we declare a genocide of young black men in America?

I don't mean to be melodramatic, and I'm not naive enough to believe that there isn't enough already in America's mean streets and hard 'hoods responsible for the deaths of young black men.

But somehow, I never hear of unarmed young white men being accidentally shot by police officers or intentionally shot by wannabe vigilantes or old people with an aversion to loud hip-hop blasting from an SUV.   I don't hear of any other race of young men in America being gunned down like dogs as often as young black men.

How many more have to die before we realize we have a problem?

Do I have to go before the U.N. to have a genocide declared?  President Obama just authorized air strikes to avert a genocide in Iraq.  Can we get an air strike or two up in the 'hood to avert the genocide of young black men in America?

I have yet to take down my "Justice for Trayvon" photo for this blog because, as soon as I think about taking it down, another young black unarmed man is shot down.

If indeed Michael Brown was shot while he had his hands in the air, that's murder. Added to all the other murders of unarmed black men (Trayvon, Oscar Grant, too many to name), this, to me, is looking like a genocide.

As someone who hopes to be the mother of at least one son, I'm at a loss of what to tell this son-to-be that he can do in the presence of police or other maniacs to make sure he doesn't get shot.  Clearly, putting your hands in the air doesn't work (Michael Brown).  Walking away doesn't work (Trayvon Martin).  Lying face down with your hands behind your back doesn't work (Oscar Grant).

How many more have to die before we declare a genocide?

I call B.S., America.  This IS a genocide.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is genocide and it's a blatant human rights abuse in this country. It's time to take this to the United Nations.

September 8, 2014 at 1:01 PM  

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