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Days of W(h)ine and Nuts

Not a good week for political surrogates, this past week.

Former Senator Phil Gramm thinks we’re a nation of whiners, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson wants to cut Senator Obama’s nuts off.

First things first: If I am indeed a whiner, then pass me a big hunk of cheese (preferably Brie) to go with this whine. Gas at $4.51 per gallon is not all in my head. Nor are rising food costs, even at reliable ol’ Winco. And don’t get me started on my tax bill and my feeling that professional, childless couples shouldn’t have to subsidize people who had more kids than they can afford via the current income tax system. I was totally down with Steve Forbes’ flat income tax proposal. If everyone knew from the get-go that they had to hand over 15% of their wages to the government, we’d all plan accordingly. And better.

Second, it was sad to hear yet another politician get caught on yet another “hot mike.” But Rev. Jesse Jackson on Fox News? Come on, now. When you’re a liberal on Fox News, every mike is a hot mike, even if you’re not wearing it. He should have known better. Just plain stupid.

Even more sad was watching his son, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., having to denounce his own father. “Strong words,” BMNB commented upon hearing Jesse Jr’s tirade. “No,” I responded. “Strong words would have been Jesse Jr. saying of his father, ‘My father would be better served addressing the most recent product of HIS nuts, i.e., my illegitimate half-sister, than concerning himself with Senator Obama’s nuts.’”

The good things that came from all this? McCain now gets it that even if we’re not in a technical recession, we’re pretty much in a recession anyway because that’s how people feel. And Obama’s stance on personal responsibility and black fathers does not require the acquiescence or approval of the old guard civil rights leaders like Rev. Jackson. That he can deliver the hard truths – truths that even Dr. King would probably feel obliged to deliver had he lived to see what’s going on – signals a change in African American leadership.

So, here’s to w(h)ine and nuts.


Tracy Foreman said…
Oh My Goodness, watchingthebubble,

This is my first comment on a blog, so I hope I have the correct username. I am a newbie to blogging and was happy to find so many blogs fubu (for us by us). Your entries are refreshing. I truly connected with the old school entry. I just had to pass this along to many of my friends. I am OLD SCHOOL and proud of it. I look forward to reading more. Stay enlightened.
The Socialite said…
Im glad to see that there are a number of Black Women "Having their say" Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the positive uplift! I'll do my best to be worthy of your kudos and recommendations.


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