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Some Things That Are Just Plain Wrong . . . .

"Project Runway" in Los Angeles. Why would you film a show about fashion in L.A. when you could film it in the fashion capital of the world -- New York?

Elderly people on Medicare protesting against a public option for health care reform. Duh! You already have the public option and you just don't want to share. Haters.

Even more wrong: Elderly people on Medicare, on scooters with oxygen tanks, protesting against a public option for health care. My tax dollars more than likely paid for their public option to get a scooter and an oxygen tank.

NeNe Leakes on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." She's entertaining to watch, but she stirs the pot. All drama leads back to her. And Kim just can't catch a break.

California's Legislature and Governor. Tore up from the floor up. One of the world's largest economies and its government had to issue IOU's. Hell, I don't even accept IOU's from family anymore.

Little people prostitutes. I'm not making this up. My niece saw one on Watt Avenue. Perhaps I've been watching too much "Little People, Big World," but life is hard enough, no pun intended, for little people without having to do that for a living. But, as one of my siblings remarked, "Well, at least she doesn't have to kneel."

Platform stiletto heels. When are we women going to say "no" to the fashion industry and its vast conspiracy to hobble women's feet? Nothing says "Me love you long time" like a pair of platform stiletto heels. Why not go all out and make them clear heels, throw a goldfish and some water in them, and slide down the stripper pole? Any woman who actually has to be on her feet for any length of time should just stop with this madness.

Even more wrong: Peep-toe platform stiletto heels worn by a woman with a bunion. Haven't you done enough damage already? Don't you think we can see that big toe of yours pointing 15 degrees to the right? Just stop the madness. Enough already. You know who you are.

Kyra Sedgwick without an Emmy for "The Closer." I mean, Glenn Close is good and all, but this is just wrong. I've never seen a lackluster performance from this woman on this show.

Health care reform without a public option. Anything else is just B.S. Health care reform should lower costs and cover everyone. I just don't see the other options doing this. The market has already screwed health care up, so the government can't do any worse.

President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass. Yes, Kanye showed his behind. But it wasn't worthy of presidential comment or piling on. Plus, it violated the Barber Shop Rule: Thou shalt not dog another brother out except in the barber shop.

Burying Michael Jackson more than two months after his death. Hell, even a good roast will get freezer burn after two months. What were they waiting for? It's not like he was going to come back if they waited long enough.

Birthers. Ignorance + access to art and sign supplies at the Dollar Tree = Birthers. If ever there were a case for making college free, they are it.

Old men wearing hip-hop clothing. All the Buddha bellies out there, wave your hands like you just don't care . . .and grow up and buy a grown-ass suit. You no longer get to wear a hoodie after 30.


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