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Call Their Bluff, Mr. President: Raise the Debt Ceiling

I'm about through with this goat rodeo in Congress about raising the debt ceiling. President Reagan got 18 debt ceiling increases without this level of last-minute debate and rancor and President Obama can't get one? No Congress has ever refused to raise the debt ceiling, but now that President Obama is in office, they are refusing his first-ever debt ceiling increase request?

I call B.S.

I think this is payback for health care reform. I think this is, as Sen. Harry Reid said, an effort to embarrass the president.

If I were President Obama, I wouldn't have even deigned to negotiate an increase in the debt ceiling limit. All this talk about cutting spending and eliminating tax loopholes should have occurred when Congress passed the budget. Now the time's come to pay for the budget they passed.

Call their bluff, Mr. President. Raise the debt ceiling by executive order.

By my count, you have a 3/4 chance of being able to do so successfully. Once you do it, your opponents will rush to a U.S. District Court in the Fourth Circuit, the conservative "rocket docket," to seek equitable relief to prevent you from doing what you've already done. At some point, this issue will reach the U.S. Supreme Court, probably sooner rather than later. As I see it, the U.S. Supreme Court will do one of four things:

1) Dismiss any effort to overturn your executive order as a political question over which they decline to exercise jurisdiction;

2) Uphold your authority to increase the debt limit;

3) Hold that an increase in the debt limit was implied in Congress' passage of the budget; or

4) Hold that you didn't have the authority to increase the debt limit.

Even on the off chance that the U.S. Supreme Court reaches the issue and decides that you didn't have the authority to increase the debt limit, that doesn't necessarily mean that they will have the cojones to void your increase of the debt limit given what it would entail -- an international financial meltdown of epic proportions. What Supreme Court would want that on its hands?

Mr. President, as they say in the military, sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. And, to be honest, you very well may not get a second term if you raise the debt ceiling unilaterally.

But for the good of the nation, Mr. President, do not let our country fall off a financial cliff. There is no political point worth making that would take down the economy of not only our nation, but other nations as well.

Call their bluff, Mr. President. Raise the debt ceiling by executive order.


Patch said…
Let's be clear about this. I truly
agree with what some of you are saying. Here is my issue about this
issue in rehards to the Debt Ceiling. Let me start with Obama's
election. There were never no intentions to see a Black person selected into the highest office here in this country. Bottom Line!
And certain parts in the Constitution stated that whereas some past Supreme Court Justices mentioned. As an outlook to that issue, it is currently the issue today whether you know it or not. As of today,they Democrats and Republicans alike. Especially the so-called current Tea Party which really do not know nothing about government. They were voted in to
try and destroy the President before and now. There is so much hate in past of Blacks Americans becoming part of any political office that it is still perpetuating. For those who no nothing about politics should start learning mor on how it works.
This country is not governed by Dictatorship, but by Democracy, wheras we have 2 committees, the House and the Senate who has 95% of the power here in this country.
Why do you think each time the President or the Democrats bring a bill to the table,trying to help the middle class, it gets rejected in the house, simply because the house and Republican Senators are making certain that the President fails. McConnell a Republican Senator said it himself on the floor of the House multiple times.
If that doesn't tell you something I advise you to get your head checked. It real and you may as well face it; this is a racial agenda to make the President look bad when most people believe verbally what their congressman tells them. They have been decieved
and not realizing it.Most Republicans who put those Tea Partiers into office, some regret that they did.It's the Tea Party that causing most of these issues as well as the Republican Senators and possibly some Democrats or Dixiecrats. This is sick. I know what they are about and you who read this should also realize that the issue is all about the president trying to do the right thing which would have an effect on the wealthy.

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