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Why Big Daddy (Herman) Cain Should Lose: The Clinton Principle

If you believe the parade of sexual harassment claimants and one alleged mistress, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is a mack of epic proportions, a Big Daddy Cain. And clearly the only chocolate sister he has any love for is his wife, although if these claimants and alleged mistress are telling the truth, I would not want to be loved that way.

Even if these ladies are telling the truth, and I'm not saying they aren't, they aren't the reason why Herman Cain should lose the nomination.

I'd be the first to admit that Bill Clinton, unfaithful as he was, was far and away the smartest president we've had in a long time. Unless you were on welfare, life was pretty good under Clinton.

Bill Clinton is precisely why Herman Cain should lose. I would call this the Clinton Principle: As long as you do your job well, no one should care who you screw. But you better damn well do an exceedingly good job.

Herman Cain, in contrast, is incapable of doing the job of POTUS. Why? He's an idiot.

Yep, I said it: Herman Cain is an idiot.

It is absolutely appalling and insulting to listen to him discuss foreign affairs. His dismissiveness of the press is insulting to the public. He's so not ready for primetime. At best, he's ready for naptime.

And that's why Herman Cain should lose. Not because he has an alleged wandering Johnson. Because he's an idiot.

Yep, I said it. And I don't care that he's African-American. He's an idiot.

Bill Clinton wasn't.


FreshLook11 said…
Firstly, regarding the sexual harassment claims - the first three women have not even told what exactly Cain said or did. There was a settlement, but we still need to know what issues are reported (there can be other work issues included in complaint, and 45k including severance is nominal) and what exactly is reported about Cain. Next came Bialek with a celebrity lawyer, claimed an unreported bizarre story, told with more smiles and rhetoric than pain etc. Very sketchy background, was fired for false accusation, story has too many holes, has too many legal/financial hassles. Then came Ginger White, claiming 13y affair with 'lavish gifts'. Once again, very sketchy background involving stalking, bankruptcy, sexual harassment suits, eviction notices. Most amazingly, she has nothing to show befitting a 13y affair with 'lavish gifts', except a record of phone calls and book autograph! She could have easily shown a text message, or got a conversation recorded, or shown some of those lavish gifts, travels etc? There is no substance in allegations (as of now, at least).

Now coming to capability. Cain has overcome/poverty/segregation to head businesses, headed organization which is now the second largest employer in US. He is an achiever and a role model for anyone of any race. He came up with a tax proposal, which did convince a lot of people. He has concise/specific/strong philosophy on Economy, Taxes, welfare, Immigration, Border security, Foreign Policy, national security etc – which many do like. Leadership is about values, principles, philosophy, direction, discernment, decisions etc. In every presidential election, the less politically experienced contender is always accused of lack of knowledge/experience. Happened to Clinton, and to Obama as well. If a 11s pause on Libya is a big deal, search youtube for Obama gaffes, teleprompter woes etc, there are plenty. Cain’s primary claim is that of a businessman achiever/leader claiming to bring business approach to fix economy and generate jobs. He can be judged on that. Also, Cain brings the much needed narrative of empowerment/achievement as opposed to the Left/liberals victimization/entitlement narrative. The Left’s victimization narrative has become an excuse for failure, their entitlement narrative a means of economic slavery to govt, and liberal narrative brutal to Black families, babies. Cain is very right on welfare – ‘Help those who help themselves’. That’s is where true pride is – in hard work, developing skills, talents, innovation, entrepreneurship, self-reliance etc. There is no pride in giving excuses for failure, as Left is teaching the Blacks. Cains counter narrative of empowerment/achievement and conservative values most needed
Cain is not just the "less politically experienced" contender -- he has ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE. The job of POTUS is too important to have someone with no political experience whatsover in it. Second, running a business is not the same as running a government. Third, to mock a foreign nation and deride it as not being important shows a lack of statesmanship and savvy. Fourth, and finally, admitting ignorance of other nations -- and reveling in one's ignorance in the guise of being focused -- is not something I, for one, want to see in a POTUS.

Ignorant people with ambition and drive get rich all the time. That does not qualify them to be the leader of the freakin' free world. Perhaps Cain should start with a run for Congress or for Governor and work his way up. I oppose him for the same reasons I opposed Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman -- lack of experience for a too-important job -- and more -- he's still an idiot.
FreshLook11 said…
Not true to say that Cain has no political experience at all. When he is playing up his 'non-politician businessman' claim, many in fact accused him of being as DC insider - he had industry lobbyists, was adviser for Dole/Kemp campaign, was chairman of Steve Forbes campaign, was deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve bank etc. Secondly, leadership is basically the same as it is more about values, principles, direction, discernment, decisions etc. That is why a CEO of one industry can easily become a CEO of another. He sure has to be judged by his record/accomplishments, as well as the proposals like 999 he is bringing to table. Third, he was not mocking a foreign country. He was asked how you would deal with a gotcha/trivial pop quiz kind of question - he was making a point that leadership is not about mugging up names. Nor is that a admission of 'ignorance' It was a conceptual point being made. And most importantly, Cain needs to be around as voice of influence to crush the idiotic, anti-intellectual narratives of the Left, which teaches pride in failure and seeks to make people as economic slaves of the govt - the biggest victims are in fact the Black community, many of who are fighting against this menace and indignity
Anonymous said…
FreshLook11: You are soooooo stupid. I hope you meet Cain and you two go on the road together. You may sell more tickets than the Charlie Sheen Show did. Feel free to vote for Cain as many times as you can. He will gladly hug and hold you when he loses.

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